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Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm EST
. >> my friend makes a good point. because we have an incredible plan to get on top of debt and deficit, to show how we will pay our way in the world we have record low interest rates. low interest rates described by the shatter chancellor as a key test of economic credibility. >> ed miller band? >> can i start by joining the prime minister in paying tribute to walter berry of first battalion richmond of scotland. he should yet most courage and bravery and all our thoughts and condolences are for his family and fries. can also express my deep or about loss of life in israel and gaza in recent days including the latest polling terrorist attack on a bus in tel aviv. there's widespread support on all sides of the house for an immediate and durable cease-fire ing agreed in israel and gaza. will the prime minister set out in his view their main barriers tohe cease-fire agreement now being reached? >> i agree with right hon. gentleman about the appalling news this morning about the terrorist attack on a bus in tel leave and also express our deep concern at the intolerable situation in souther
Nov 26, 2012 12:00am EST
the boring deficit by paying tax on their profits but some multinationals appeared to be paying very low amounts, like starbucks and anderson. i wonder if the prime minister could tell the house whether he thinks the tax code needs investigating. >> it does need investigating. they're looking as hard as they can at what can be done. there are some things one can do nationally and that is where examining but because we live in a competitive global economy where companies can move capital around and move their headquarters and move money around you need greater international agreement. we have an important international agreement with switzerland which is going to recover billions of pounds in tax for our country but we need to work hard and that is where the g-8 can help so we can get a fair share of tax from companies given that britain is doing its part to cover corporation tax to the most competitive in world. >> the prime minister rightly created the wonderful work of the london emergency service--could he share with me concerns of the london public to see the number that is threatene
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2